What our Customers say...

Fire Damage Testimonials

My cousin and I share a home, and we had a small fire that originated in the kitchen. SERVPRO of Pewaukee were everything we hoped for. They got out kitchen back to its old self but MUCH better than it was before! Loved that they worked with the insurance company. These guys are great! Top quality. 


These guys did such a good job with our garage. We had a fire in our garage that also went into our mud room. They were all very kind, informative and professional. I know who I'll call if something like this ever happens again that's for sure. 

Our oven had caught fire, and we called SERVPRO. They were very responsive to our situation. They took all these notes, photos and documentation and are also dealing with our insurance. They did a fantastic job of cleaning up a horrible situation. My kitchen looks amazing and you can't tell there was a fire here. 

I am super glad I called SERVPRO when I had a fire damage occur in my kitchen! The kitchen, the walls, cabinets and appliances were all damaged either by fire or soot and they just came right in, knew what they were doing and fixed it right up. I mean you honestly can't tell there was ever a fire in my house. Just awesome. 

We had a horrible fire damage in our home- the cleanup was almost unbelievable. It was such a devastating experience. These guys made my home look so good, so brand new. They were super helpful and delicate with me through the whole process. I can't thank them enough.